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Pátek 1. říjen 2021, 11:56

Akademik sport centrum Palacky Univerzity


Offer of sports program = lesson schedule = diary



  1.  (click on the „Sportovní programy“)

New user: opening your own acount


Click on the „PŘIHLÁSIT“ (log in) on the right corner and you create „NOVÁ REGISTRACE“ (new registration). Fill in all fields:

„Jméno“ (first name)

„Příjmení“ (surname)

 „Telefon“ (phone number)

„E-mail“ (e-mail adress)

„Vyberte zařazení“ – choose and click on „ASC UP – studenti, zaměstnanci, absolventi“

„Heslo“ (password) – minimal 8 signs

„Heslo znovu“ – password again

„Mám zájem o zasílání newsletterů“ (incoming newsletters)

„Nejsem robot“ (I am not a robot)

„Odeslat“ (send)

We recommend confirming the sending of newsletters, where we will inform you about changes in the schedule, including news.



For the reservation sport lesson You have to top up credit in the system. Please choose payment through the „Go pay“.


Lesson schedule - booking

You simply book a lesson in the schedule (calendar). On the top of the site you can choose from „skupinové lekce“ (group lessons) or „halové sporty“ (sport in the hall):

  1. Sport lesson – one hour from the selected sport for a set price (mostly 1 lesson  for 50 crowns). It is possible to book a few weeks in advence to secure  place in the gym. We recommmend you to create your own sports schedule. It is possible to cancel the lesson one hour before the start.
  2. Sport courses – activities take place on specific gym and have specific number of lessons for example Teniss course. 

Gyms and sports ground

Where to find us? On the site - „Sportoviště“ (Sports gound) you can find where our sport lessons take place. There are a map and shortcuts of gyms which are used also in the schedule.


Print schedules:

Group lessons

Sport in the hall